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Our aim is to arrange accessible education for underprivileged Nepali children. With a rising number of street children and child labor it is necessary to offer these children educational opportunities. Approximately 85% of the population live in rural areas and are not aware about the importance of education. Many children do not enroll at school, due to their poor social and economic conditions. The children that do attend public schools lack educational materials.

Together with volunteers from all over the world as well as local Nepalese teachers, we visit the deprived mountain villages and provide educational awareness programs. We inspire parents to send their children to school. To encourage them, we offer a backpack filled with stationery, books and a uniform. As a stepping stone for their children’s future, you can make a difference!

The foundation is currently sponsoring three children with school fees and providing them with a safe environment for school. Please see the sponsor children tab for further information.


Education Teach - in English – Your own creative topic, or the subject you like. You can also become a class assistant at the Sunshine School in Bhaktapur in Nepal.
Sport Organize your favorite sport and participate with the Nepalese students. They are thrilled to play with you!.
Culture Experience de Nepalese culture through dance and music activities. Their colorful dresses are beautiful.
Reconstruction Help with building activities in the surrounding mountain villages of Bhaktapur, Nepal.  These include painting activities, landscaping and the construction of playgrounds.


Guidance 24/7 personal support at your location.
Contribution As a volunteer you contribute to our cause, the sponsored children, host family and your specific project. Our foundation does not make any profit and is all run by volunteers.
Flexible Choose your own starting date and time of visit.
Worthwhile You can contribute to the disabled and underprivileged children of Nepal and can make a difference to one child at a time.
Travel The opportunity to explore the Majestic Himalayas – ask for our travel itinerary options.

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